Uriach seeks corporate purchases to reach 500 million sales in 2025 | companies

Uriach seeks corporate purchases to reach 500 million sales in 2025 |  companies

The Uriach farmacéutica ingresó el pasado año 303 million euros, where it assumes a 26% more than in 2020, cuando invoiceuró 240 million, y ha completado la compra de Medimow, sur distribuidor en Rumanía, que ahora pasará a ser su filial en ese Country.

Uriach published its 2021 results on Wednesday, a year marked by the takeover of the German company Sidroga, but above all by the decision of this Catalan company to sell its two factories in Spain, its generics activity, new molecules and manufacturing for third party account. to Spanish venture capital firm MCH to move into the over-the-counter drug business.

Uriach CEO Oriol Segarra explained that if you only consider the revenue provided by the only business the company now has, that of self-care health products – personal care. consumer natural health products – revenues were 235 million in 2021, 42% more than what this activity brought in 2020, thanks in particular to the takeover of the company Sidroga, present in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In total, Segarra recalled that Sidroga charges around 50 million per year, for which he added: “Without the effect of Sidroga, we would have already experienced double-digit growth in 2021”.

Like last year, Segarra confirmed that Uriach aspires to bill around 450 or 500 million euros in 2025, and wants to achieve this by growing both organically and inorganically.

In this sense, it has been assumed that to reach 500 million in turnover in 2025, it will be necessary to face “a larger business operation” in the coming years than that sealed a few weeks ago in Romania to take full control of Medimow, collects Eph.

This Romanian company markets food supplements for gynecology and pediatrics, among other specialties, and was the distributor of Uriach in the country since 2018.

Medimow obtained revenues of 2.1 million in 2021 and Uriach wants this subsidiary to bring in between 7 and 10 million in 2025.

Segarra explained that in Greece there is also a joint venture (joint venture) with another local company to distribute Uriach products in this country, but that an operation similar to that in Romania is not planned.

However, Segarra admitted that Uriach is very interested in entering France, a large European market in which it is not yet present, although the company would also like to be present in the Nordic countries, in another country of Eastern Europe or be strengthened. in places where it is already present.

Uriach, one of the historical Catalan pharmaceutical companies, belongs to the fifth generation of the homonymous family and does not plan to give other investors entry into the capital or to go public, clarified the CEO.

If he had to face a big corporate operation in the years to come, he recalled that his level of indebtedness is not relevant, even if it would be necessary to finance part of the operation.


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