These will be the prices of the BMW 3 Series in 2022

These will be the prices of the BMW 3 Series in 2022

have already been announced BMW 3 Series prices in 2022, which come from the hand of a slight update of the German sedan. With these novelties, the model of the Munich firm will start from €44,400 in our country, as well as €46,900 in the case of the family version.

For this year, BMW wanted to make some adjustments to renew one of its most popular cars. On the bottom, we will now find a pattern similar to that of the previous version, but we will see changes in areas such as the grille and the headlights, which are now thinner.

In addition to this, at the rear there are also some novelties, such as a retouched rear apron and details such as the diameter of the exhaust outlets -90 or 100 mm-. In addition, the standards are now included in the 3 series sedan 17-inch rims, as well as M exterior trim that gives a sportier look. That yes, it is M Sport package one that actually achieves this effect.

For the 2022 3 Series, the Sporty Style Pack now features a new design on the front and rear aprons. Along with this, stand out from new 18-inch light-alloy wheelsnew moldings and an expanded color range with shades such as Skyscaper Gray metallic and M Brooklyn Grey.

Either way, where the changes stand out the most is inside the cabin, where we find the new BMW curved screen -with the latest BMW iDrive incorporated-. It consists of a 12.3” located behind the steering wheel and a central 14.9”. Likewise, another novelty is the design of the selector lever of the eight-speed Steptronic gearbox, which has been renewed.

Thus, the German brand is trying to bring freshness to its model for the rest of this year. With these tweaks, the Series 3 is updated, but retains issues like the variety of mechanical offerings. Thus, both in its conventional version and in the family version, we can find it with engines diesel, petrol and plug-in hybrids.

Prices for the 3 Series Sedan and Touring

In the case of the sedan, the BMW 3 Series prices for 2022 departure to €44,400 for the 150 hp 318d. Within the diesel, we can go up to 74,650 euros if we opt for the M340d xDrive of 340 hp. On the other hand, in the case of gasolinethe starting point is the 184 hp 320i, offered by €45,300.

The most expensive variant with this fuel will be the 374 hp M340i xDrive, which has a price of 75,050 euros. Finally, regarding the plug-in hybrids, we find the 320th and 330th, with 204 and 292 hp respectively. In this case, they are offered by 50,450 and 54,700 euros.

On the other hand, the BMW 3 Series Touring starts in €46,900 for the 150 hp 318d. As in the sedan, the most expensive diesel is the M340d xDrive, available for 77,150 euros. Regarding the gasolinethe price range is between €47,800 from the 320i, up to 77,550 euros from the M340i xDrive.

Finally, among the 2022 Series 3 prices we found one for the only version plug-in hybrid with family body. This is the 330th xDrive with 292 HP, available for €60,500.

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