RIU Plaza España opens a new headquarters… in the metaverse

RIU Plaza España opens a new headquarters… in the metaverse

If we have ever attended concerts, art exhibitions and fashion shows in the metaverse, where even entire cities are built, why not stay at the hotel? The RIU Plaza Spainicon of the city of Madrid, is the first to make the leap to the virtual world in an experience that combines reality with spaces recreated with digital technology.

You may not feel exactly the same as stepping on the already mythical glass walkway which unites its two towers on the 27th floor at more than 100 meters high, but at least you can see in AltSpace its scandalous vistas.

And that’s not just the only experiment that has continued in the metaverse.

Virtual but immersive

A pioneer among major hotel companies in exploring the options offered by the metaverse, RIU Hotels & Resorts has chosen the iconic Riu Plaza España hotel for its debut in the virtual world.

Although there is no doubt that we want to live experiences in the real world, from the chain, they are also betting on this “emerging tool with great potential”, which will be consolidated, in their opinion, “as the future of the digital presence of brands and people”.

Starting from the idea that the the metaverse is an evolution of today’s internetsomething like Internet 3.0, RIU particularly emphasizes the particularity that it is “something immersive” and not just a showcase.

In this sense, and in the absence of the great leap and the great democratization of technology for it to consolidate and undergo a similar evolution to the World Wide Web and social networks, the company begins to implement your presence in the metaverse to deliver now what today’s user will love most.

Transfer emotion (and vertigo)

What does this hotel in the metaverse offer? well they can visit the different areas of the RIU Plaza Españaappreciate the details of the decor and heritage elements of spaces such as the lobby, where you can get on the roof and feel dizzy by leaning on its glazed balcony and crossing its footbridge suspended more than 100 meters high, virtual of course.

Panoramic from the roof. Image: RIU Hotels & Resorts.

You can also play: in the hotel there is elements that can be picked up, opened, clicked and surprised with which to interact. There is even a hidden price for the first visits.

In this metaverse hotel we will not be alone either. In search of real sensations, we can say hello to the receptionist, Michaelin particular, that it provides friendly service and facilitates booking process Yes, it can be done in the virtual world.

For the development of this project, RIU relied on The secret agencymetaverse pioneers and experts with a long history in digital marketing, who have managed to faithfully reproduce the iconic building thanks to the hybridization of the real image and digital design, access to architectural rehabilitation plans and the collaboration of one of the most reputable builders in the AltSpace environment.

Image: RIU Hotels & Resorts.

Solutions chosen as the real images of Madrid that can be seen from the 360º roof terraceor meticulously recreated details of the renovation plans of this jewel of the city of Madrid are the characteristics of the construction of this hotel that make it unique in its category in the metaverse.

To visit the RIU Plaza España hotel, all you have to do is go to the website, download the application, search for the hotel with the code NTM491 and enjoy the immersive experience of the virtual RIU Plaza España.

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