Monchi reveals a possible march and a renewed illusion

Monchi reveals a possible march and a renewed illusion

The sports director of Sevilla FC admits that his departure is envisaged in this complicated end of the season

It was a tough, emotional speech in which he once again brought out the passion he always conveys to try to excite these veterans of the Sevilla FC, who had to suffer so many years before living three decades of glory. In front of the oldest members of Seville, in the act ‘Faithful of Nervión’, monchi revealed that this end of the season had not been easy, that the second part of the championship had made him doubt, even take a step back, but that he came out stronger from all this and is already thinking of making a new champion team.

“Three years ago I asked you for confidence. Now it seems there are also doubts and that’s normal. When you settle in the top flight, it makes sense. I ask you not to have doubts, trust. I already tell you that the end result is going to be nice, but not that of September 1st, but that of the first week of next June. This is the pre-season in which I have more desire and more enthusiasm after 21 years. We will get it again. This year we have achieved many points thanks to you. Join us because the end result is going to be beautiful”, assured the León de San Fernando, who has had to live through tense situations in recent weeks.

Your encounters with Lopetegui After the doubts generated before the certification of the European classification, they both convinced that they could build another great Sevilla, but both were left out at some point. “Three years ago I came here just back from Rome. I think we have had some very good times in these three years. But we have also had some difficult times and doubts in the project. Until recently, I doubted that my contribution to this club was the necessary one. They quickly dissipated because it is very difficult not to get motivated by looking at this shield”, admitted the sporting director of Sevilla FCwho began his speech with a nice detail, in which he even remembered the rivals and asked for applause ‘for Sevilla, Sevilla and Betis, who left us’ in these two ‘difficult’ years.

José Castro and regained greatness

Sevilla FC president José Castro He also addressed the fans in the moving act, in which he paid ‘tribute’ to his ‘faithful infantry’, who have always given their all for Sevilla and supported the team for so many decades. “We can say that we have rediscovered that greatness of the first half of the 20th century that only the oldest members remember. And if that happened, if today Sevilla have recovered the label of great Spanish football, c t is largely thanks to you, the most loyal, those who have never left this club alone and have pushed it through its most complicated moments”, underlined the leader of Sevilla, who also took the opportunity to launch a warning : “Your generosity fuels our firm commitment to bring you even more glory. Keep it up, because together we are set to face exciting challenges next season.”


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