FC Barcelona: Bara takes measures to prevent Camp Nou from being empty or filled with rival supporters

FC Barcelona: Bara takes measures to prevent Camp Nou from being empty or filled with rival supporters

Fort Heleninstitutional vice-president and spokesperson for the Barcelona, was tasked with explaining on Tuesday morning the agreements reached by the Council during its regular meeting on Monday afternoon. Most of the decisions aim to prevent the positions of Camp Nou and the Palau are empty and also to be avoided, as in the match against the Eintracht Frankfurtt of the European LeagueWhat the seats are full of rival fans.

The Camp Nou is whiter than ever, a great German party in the stands!

“The goal is to have the stadium full of members and fans of the bara. We hope to have the field at its maximum capacity for all matches. Already in the pre-pandemic, between 2,500 and 3,000 members neither released nor attended the stadium. And in Palau the numbers are also worrying,” commented Strong. The directive, who commented that there is a waiting list of 13,000 people to be a season ticket holder, asked for help from the ass: “It is a privilege to be a member and to attend to the matches and we call on the starters to be co-responsible so that anyone cannot go there if they give up their place. We want to fill the Camp Nou with partners. But we also want to make good use of them and avoid fraud”.

The most important measures adopted by the Council are:

– Create a new census of male and female partners to really know how many there are and have a real photo.

– They will update the terms of use of the subscription of the Camp Nou and Palau. The club asks that if members cannot attend, they give their membership to a family member, friend or Seient Lliure. Para incentivar ese prstamo, los que asistan ms de 85 por ciento de los partidos tendrn ventajas: sorteos de viajes, descuentos en la restauracin y en la tienda… Y, en cambio, a los que ni asistan ni liberen, dure 10 partidos in the Camp Nou and six in the Palauthey will apply the Seient Lliure Reverse: by default, the entity recovers the use of the subscription and can return it to the commercial circuit unless the holder notifies 72 hours in advance that he is going to use it.

– Members who do not attend or release their subscription during a 22-23 match will have their card withdrawn. The club finds the use. There are between 2,500 and 3,000 asses in this situation.

– In terms of security, the entity will implement the digital subscription, which can also be transferred. The first six months, until January, will be used on a voluntary basis and if all goes well, the second will be compulsory.

– Create new criteria to change subscription names.

– Promote promotions by booking many locations at popular and fixed prices, except high-risk ones.

– The purchase of tickets for all competitions will be digital and nominative to avoid fraud.


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